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Smart energy ideas to help you save

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Up your knowledge, lower your bill. Try these power smart habits and projects and see your savings add up.

We’re powered by water.

96% of the electricity we generate is from clean, renewable resources.

Electricity travels from our dams through 79,000 km of power lines to homes and businesses in B.C.

To power the things we do every day.

Top tips this week


Quick tip

Don't overload your dryer

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Dryers can account for up to 12% of your electricity usage - so try not to make them work too hard by cramming in an oversized laundry load. Your clothes will thank you too.

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Use natural light instead of artificial light when you can

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When the sun's out, a single south-facing window can illuminate an area 20 to 100 times its size. And for each 60-watt bulb you turn off for four hours a day, you can save $9 over the course of a year.