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Everyday tips by topic

Up your knowledge, lower your bill. Adopt these power smart habits and see how small changes add up to savings.

Top tips this week

Quick tip

Thaw food in the fridge

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If you reduce your microwave defrosting by just 15 minutes per day, you could save approximately $11 per year. So try thawing frozen food in the fridge when you can.

Quick tip

Use natural light instead of artificial light when you can

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When the sun's out, a single south-facing window can illuminate an area 20 to 100 times its size. And for each 60-watt bulb you turn off for four hours a day, you can save $9 over the course of a year.


Projects for home & work

Ready to take it to the next level? These power smart projects require more investment or effort than our everyday tips, but offer a bigger impact.

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