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Attention renters: You can save on electricity, too

You don’t need to invest in a big upgrade to save.

For most renters, big upgrades to save on electricity aren’t in the cards. You might not be opposed to buying a new light bulb or two, but likely aren’t going to buy new appliances, renovate, or choose how you heat your home.

Low-cost and no-cost ways to save beyond the basics:

  • Do full loads of laundry on cold

  • Consider a collapsible drying rack and try hang drying

  • Enable energy-saving settings on electronics, and stream efficiently

  • When sleeping try setting your thermostat to 16ºC (61°F)

  • Try cooking or working to thermostat setting of 18ºC (68°F)

  • Set your thermostat to 21ºC (70°F) when reading or watching TV

The cold, hard truth: Game consoles aren’t a friend of your electricity bill

We know you love a good Netflix binge (who doesn’t?), but you may want to avoid using your game console to stream it. Your Xbox or PlayStation requires up to 40% more power than other streaming devices like PVRs or smart TVs.

Get control of the electricity your PS5 or Xbox One uses:

  • Power down when inactive

  • Consider disabling internet enabled modes

At the end of the day, smart TVs, laptops or tablets are your best options for streaming. In fact, your laptop uses 10 times less power compared to a game console – that can add up to big savings!

Set up MyHydro & join Team Power Smart

Do you use a fitness tracker, track your eating with an app, or know how much your rent is each month? You can get some of the same helpful insights with your energy use too. Create your own online profile and use MyHydro tracking tools to spot areas to save. It’s great to see that the changes you make pay off. You can use it to see your forecast bill amount and compare your usage with other homes nearby to see how you're doing.

If you're a long-term renter and you've been in the same place for at least a year, join Team Power Smart and take the 10% Reduction Challenge and you could earn a $50 reward if you hit that target over 12 months.