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Close your window coverings at different times during the day

Use your blinds strategically

When you close your blinds and curtains at different times it can make a big difference in keeping the hot air out during the warmer months and keeping the warm air in during the cooler months.

Prevent heat loss in the winter

  • During the day: Open your window coverings during the day to let the sunlight warm your home naturally.

  • In the evenings: Prevent heat loss in the evenings by closing the blinds and keeping the cool air out.

Prevent heat gain in the summer

  • East-facing windows: Close your east-facing window coverings before you go to bed to help to block the morning sun.

  • West-facing windows: Close coverings on west-facing windows in the late afternoon and early evening to block evening sun.

  • South-facing windows: Prevent heat gain via south-facing windows by closing coverings during the day.

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