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Don't be afraid to automate

For larger or more complex buildings, consider using a building automation system, also known as an energy management system (EMS), to efficiently manage all energy usage.

An EMS can control all facets of your building's operation and identify maintenance issues. An EMS is a centralized control system that takes over manually controlled functions. It can be a simple unit connected to one or two pieces of equipment or it can be more complex and control lights and equipment throughout your facility.

Some key benefits of an EMS:

  • Ability to monitor total building loads

  • Ability to analyze outside and inside temperatures and regulate the HVAC system in your building

  • Schedule when lighting, heating and cooling systems should turn on and off automatically

  • Savings of 5-30% in energy costs and reduced demand charges

  • Payback period of two to four years depending on the hours of operation used, type of system and equipment controlled