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Monitor your energy use online with MyHydro

Bookmark MyHydro in your internet browser

Use your electronic devices – like your computer, tablet or smartphone – to put the most important power smart tip into practice: check your household's electricity use regularly.

Log in to MyHydro, or create a profile if it's your first time accessing, to view personalized graphs that allow you to monitor and understand your electricity use.

MyHydro tools allow you to:

  • See your daily electricity use down to the hour.

  • Compare your use to previous billing cycles or years to spot trends.

  • Compare your use to the outside temperature or to similar homes nearby.

  • Set up alerts and reminders.

Seeing your consumption plotted out on a graph allows you to understand how seasonal changes, your everyday habits, time away from home and more can affect your electricity use. You can then use this information to make smart energy choices and changes to use less energy, and reduce your bill.