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Lower your heat, lower your costs

See how much you can save with a change in temperature

As heat rises, so will your energy costs. For every degree above 20°C (68°F) your heating costs could rise as much as 5%. The cost will depend on what the temperature is both inside and outside your home. When it gets really cold outside, your heating system has to work even harder to maintain your home's temperature. If you're comfortable at cooler temperatures (especially if you're cooking or working around the house), turn down your thermostat and you'll be able to save.

Our home temperature reference guide:

  • Reading, or watching TV? Set your thermostat at 21ºC (70°F)

  • Cooking or working around the house? You may be comfortable at 18ºC (64°F).

  • Going to sleep? Set your thermostat for 16ºC (61°F) as you turn in for the night.

Got a heat pump? Set it and forget it

Your heat pump is most efficient when maintaining a set temperature. That means not adjusting it at night or if you’re away for less than 24 hours. Going away for longer? Turn it down and gradually increase the temperature 2°C at a time when you return. Find out more about heat pumps.