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Make the switch to clean power

We want to help you make the switch from fossil fuels to clean hydroelectricity to heat your home or business and run your vehicle. To do this, we’re offering you rebates and incentives to help you make the switch, while still encouraging you to be efficient about how you’re using energy with our tips for single-family homes, condo/ apartments, rentals and businesses. Because no matter the type of energy you use, using less helps keep your costs down and minimizes the environmental impact.

Switch and save with rebates

To help you make the switch to clean power, we offer and/or administer rebates for fuel switching to electricity.

Heat pump rebates

If your home is currently heated by natural gas, oil or propane, you could get up to $11,000 in combined rebates from BC Hydro, CleanBC, and the federal government’s Greener Homes Grant to switch to an electric heat pump. Plus, your local municipality may also have heat pump rebates.

Is your home currently heated by electricity? You could get up to $7,000 to install a heat pump with rebates from our home renovation rebate program and the federal government.

See available heat pump rebates.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging rebates

To encourage the adoption of EVs in B.C., CleanBC offers rebates for EV chargers and charging infrastructure. We administer the program, which includes offers for single-family homes and apartment/condo buildings. We also have a vast network of our

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What does it mean to be powered by water?

We have the cleanest electricity generation in western North America with 98% of the electricity we generate coming from clean, renewable resources. This includes 91% being generated from falling water at our hydroelectric facilities. However, clean electricity represents less than 20% of B.C.’s total energy demand, while nearly 70% of the B.C. economy is powered by fossil fuels and the remaining demand is supplied by biofuels.

BC Hydro’s Electrification Plan supports the Government of B.C.’s objectives to achieve an economy-wide shift in how life in B.C. is fueled. And the choices you make in your own home can help us get there.