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Track your energy use

Want to make your energy use more efficient?

Start with MyHydro, the online tracking tool that allows you to see your home or business’s electricity use. By using the tool and checking back regularly, you'll gain a better understanding of how things such as seasonal changes, your everyday habits, vacations, or business operations can affect your electricity use.

You can then use this information to make changes to reduce the amount of electricity you're using.

Log in to MyHydro to:

  • See your daily electricity use right down to the hour

  • Compare your electricity use to last year’s, or to similar homes nearby

  • Compare your electricity use to the average outside temperature

  • Set up usage alerts and reminders

  • Download your electricity use data for offline analysis

  • Manage your account online from a computer or mobile device

Check back regularly to understand usage peaks

If a long time has passed since you checked your usage, it can be hard to remember the circumstances that explain spikes in consumption. Logging in once a week, for example, makes it easier to recall the reasons for peaks, like:

  • The 5-load laundry-a-thon you powered through on Sunday morning

  • The big roast dinner you made on Thursday (the one with all the side dishes)

  • The hot bath your daughter ran after her run

Create an action plan

Once you understand your electricity use, you can make smart energy choices to change it. is a resource to help with that.

Start by exploring the range of everyday tips you can easily incorporate into your household habits to save energy. Next, check out the projects that’ll save you even more – like draftproofing around your windows, upgrading to ENERGY STAR® appliances, or upgrading your insulation.

As you make smart energy choices, log in to MyHydro along the way to see what kind of impact you can spot. Whether it’s a small, but consistent reduction in your daily usage, or molehill peaks that used to be mountains, it’s exciting to see the impact of changes you make.

Get started with MyHydro

MyHydro is your online account. If you’re new to BC Hydro or haven’t signed in online yet, you can create your profile and open or link your account in a few easy steps.

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  • 1

    Complete the MyHydro Profile form.

  • 2

    Click the link in the confirmation email.

  • 3

    If you have an account, link it to your Profile using information from your last bill. If you’re a new customer, you can open an account.

Already have an account? Log in and see how you’re tracking this month.