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No-cook snack ideas and recipes

There are many ways you can cut down on electricity while making food. You can either use small appliances to make meals or you can try these easy, no-bake recipes that will satisfy your snacking needs.

No-bake snacks

Here are a few more healthy options that are great for bite-sized snacks:

  • Breakfast cookies: Looking for something easy in the mornings? These healthy breakfast cookies are easy to eat on the go, take only five minutes to make, and will keep for up to two weeks. They make breakfast a breeze.

  • Pineapple and coconut energy balls: This recipe from Cupcakes and Kale Chips offers tropical fruit flavours that are perfect for sunnier days, uses ingredients from your pantry, is low in added sugar and our favourite part: the only thing you'll need to make them is a food processor. Saving energy and your sanity when snacktime hits.

  • Chickpea salad on toast or crackers: If you can't stand the thought of making another tuna salad sandwich, give chickpeas a whirl. They're still packed with protein and this recipe from Cooking Light is good on crackers or a piece of toast.

  • Popcorn trail mix: Using store-bought popcorn means you don't even have to turn on your microwave or air popper to pull this one together. A mix of seeds, seasonings and dried fruit make this one more than just a movie snack. Use the suggestions here from Good Life Eats or put your own spin on it.

Snacks that are a little more substantial

Maybe you're feeding hungry teenagers, or just looking to make it through the 3 PM slump during the work day without grabbing another iced coffee. These snacks offer a little something more – and you can save on your energy bill.

  • Ham and cheese cucumber "sushi": These bite-size 'sushi' snacks are not only adorable but completely customizable. Great for lunches or a quick snack.

  • Vegetable salad spring rolls with peanut sauce: Make these your own by switching up the veggies for what you enjoy. Make them super simple by purchasing pre-chopped veggies or shredded coleslaw mix and a pre-made sauce. You can make them even more energy-efficient by heating the water to soften your rice paper wraps with an electric kettle, and not on your stove.

  • Spicy (or not) chicken salad lettuce cups: Rotisserie chicken makes prep super easy, and everyone loves to eat food in wrap form.

  • 90-second taco soup: Not that there's anything wrong with just making tacos – but sometimes it's fun to switch things up. This is a great option from Super Healthy Kids if you have a high-powered blender, because that’s all you'll need to get a little taco taste, great for lunch or a snack.

Sweet treats that aren’t ice cream

Sometimes, nothing beats a classic ice-cream cone – but in the event that you’re hoping to avoid baking a batch of cupcakes or cookies, these no-bake alternatives might do the trick.

  • Froyo fruit cups: These super quick and easy froyo fruit cups are a great alternative to a sugary treat. Use your favourite yogurt and fruit or make an assorted batch to suit everyones' tastes.

  • Coconut chocolate mousse: Made with coconut milk, you can get a sweet, creamy treat without dairy, if that's what you're looking for. A bit of mixing and a bit of time in the fridge is all you need for this one – you can dress it up in a glass for something special, or simply spoon it out and enjoy.

  • No-bake cheesecake parfaits: The flavour of cheesecake without the baking, plus a little fruit, too. Try your favourites and play around with the layers.

  • No-bake peanut butter pretzel cookies: Half-Baked Harvest serves up a winner here with the classic combo – plus, who wouldn't love a cookie that you don't have to bake?