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Tablets: maximum entertainment, minimum electricity

It’s hard to believe that tablets have been around for over a decade. When they first launched, they were kind of a novelty item - a cool way of browsing online and watching videos - but nobody really needed one.

But they’ve evolved into amazing multi-tasking devices - more portable than a laptop, more mobile than a TV and more interactive than a game console. And, it turns out, much more energy efficient than any of them.

Here’s how much energy each of those devices use:

  • Laptop: 2 times as much as a tablet

  • LED TV: 11 times as much as a tablet

  • Game console plus TV: 51 times as much as a tablet

Let’s think about the times when using your tablet would save lots of energy compared to those more traditional devices around the house, plus all the other benefits that it brings.

Making a video call

Making a video call on a tablet uses just half the energy of making a video call on a laptop, plus:

  • The camera on a tablet is better than on a laptop

  • The microphone on a tablet is better than on a laptop

  • It’s much easier to move around while you’re chatting

Watching a movie

Watching a movie on a tablet uses 11 times less energy than watching a movie on a TV, plus:

  • You can carry a tablet around the house

  • You can enjoy a similar relative picture size (holding a tablet in your hand is similar to sitting in front of a TV)

  • Nobody will ask you to change the channel

Following a recipe

Following a recipe on a tablet uses just half the energy of following a recipe on a laptop, plus:

  • It’s really easy to misread ingredient amounts in small text on a laptop

  • A laptop will inevitably end up with flour all over the keyboard

  • You can’t scroll through a recipe on a laptop with your fingers all covered in egg


Gaming on a tablet uses 51 times less energy than gaming on a console and TV, plus:

  • Tablets allow you to play augmented reality games

  • Tablets keep your kids entertained on long drives or in restaurants

  • You don’t have to go hunting for discs and controllers in the cobwebs behind your TV

Making notes

Making notes on a tablet uses just half the energy of making notes on your laptop, plus:

  • You can now write your notes with a stylus pen on a tablet

  • You can also draw and record sound and video on a tablet

  • And if you’d still rather use a keyboard, you can add or remove one as needed

So, if you want to enjoy more digital entertainment, but you also want to be more energy efficient, then a tablet could be the right choice for you.