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Use advanced lighting controls

Maximize savings by pairing LEDs with advanced controls

Incorporating advanced lighting control systems with LED technology can add up to 20-50% more energy savings. It can also make your space more convenient and comfortable for your preferred light levels.

Whether you're improving lighting at a home or workplace, these system features can include:

  • Dimmers

  • Scheduling/timers

  • Occupancy sensors

  • Daylight harvesting (uses sensors to detect natural light and use only as much artificial light as needed to maintain the preferred light level)

You can even create virtual zones of control, which allows a selection of lights to be turned on or off by a single control, whether that's a particular switch or a remote system.

Get lighting controls that are designed to work with your bulb type to ensure optimum performance.

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* This tool is for illustrative purposes. BC Hydro cannot guarantee the exact cost amounts, actual savings, or the rates for energy sources referenced in the application. This is meant to supplement, not to replace, individual research when considering the purchase of household appliances or lighting.