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Why do you power smart?

Saving electricity is just the beginning. When you look at the bigger picture, being power smart is about a lot more than that.

It’s a broad term for a reason – it means a lot of different things. For us, power smart means forward-thinking electricity generation and distribution. It means intelligent forecasting that sets B.C. up for long-term success. It means reaching or surpassing clean energy goals, and ensuring that safe, reliable electricity is accessible for all.

For you, power smart means you’re empowered to make informed decisions about how you use energy. The decisions you make are based on your own motivations, whether that’s for knowledge, savings, change, or some side perks.

Power smart for knowledge

They say knowledge is power, and in this case, knowledge is power about power. Learning how electricity is consumed will help you make choices to meet your energy goals.

If you’re in the dark about electricity consumption, there’s a lot of ways you can inform yourself:

  • Start using MyHydro. It’s the online tool at that allows you to monitor your daily and hourly energy consumption.

  • Do some research. Explore and experiment with our energy-saving tips and project ideas. Track how these impact your usage.

  • Get expert advice. There are alliance members dedicated to helping businesses understand their electricity use, and advisors available to do home assessments, too.

  • Smart home devices. Want to dig deeper into data? There’s a growing number of products and apps on the market that will track usage data of individual appliances.

Power smart for savings

The most obvious motivation behind making smart energy choices is to save money on your electricity bill. Like grocery shopping – where you can create a list, set a budget, and look for sales – you can create an action plan for behaviours and projects to use less electricity at home.

Commit to changes that are proven to save money. Hang dry laundry, seal drafts to prevent heat loss, upgrade to an energy-efficient appliance (one that’s rebate-eligible!).

Power smart for change

Although energy efficiency is often synonymous with using less electricity, and rightfully so, consider where you could start using electricity for the sake of a cleaner province.

  • Switching from a gas-powered to an electric vehicle will increase your electricity bill if you charge at home, but that’s offset by what you’ll save on fuel.

  • Changing from a gas furnace heating system to an electric heat pump will also increase your electricity bill, but your gas bill will go down.

These are smart energy choices that are better for the environment, because B.C.’s electricity is 97% clean, generated by hydro-electric dams.

Power smart for the win

Yes, being power smart can make you more informed, save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint, and it can also score you some bonus perks.

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What will you do to be smart about power? The choice is yours.