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Why I made the switch to a heat pump

Getting first-hand reviews from friends or family when making a decision on your home heating is always helpful, but what if you don't know anyone with a heat pump? That's why we're bringing you the VanDerZee family, who are happy heat pump owners.

When Torie and her husband, Mike, first moved into their Langford home, they were surprised by their energy use that winter.

"Before we moved into our house, we'd lived in a condo that had electric baseboard heating," says Torie, "we never turned the heat on, so our energy use was always really low. We knew that we'd be using more energy in the house because of the size, but we couldn't believe just how much."

After seeing just how much energy they were using, Torie and Mike made the decision to see if a heat pump would be a good fit for their home. Their home already had existing ducting, so they chose a central heat pump over a ductless heat pump, which doesn't require ducts and works well as a replacement for electric baseboard heaters. Their home was being heated by an electric furnace, which is often used as a back-up system to a central heat pump, and they lived in a relatively mild part of B.C., so they were good candidates for a heat pump system.

"Our neighbour had a heat pump, and so did our friends," Torie explains, "and they were always talking about how great it was. I liked that it would lower our energy consumption, heat our home in winter and cool it in the summer."

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Heat pumps, which pull ambient heat from the surrounding air outside and use it to heat your home, can also pull hot air from inside your home and push it out in the summertime, providing air conditioning. Beyond efficiently regulating the temperature of your home for year round comfort, they can also help you cut your greenhouse gas emissions and go cleaner with your usage.

Torie and Mike had a couple of contractors take a look at their home and recommend the best heat pump for them and then read reviews based on their recommendations. Once the heat pump was installed, they noticed the difference right away.

"The cooling effects of the pump were a huge bonus. People couldn't believe that my house was so cool in the summer," said Torie, "and in the winter, we were using so much less energy."

The experience also made the family pay more attention to their overall energy consumption. "I'm definitely more aware of how we use energy and we've been finding other ways to save like air drying our clothes."

"Every time anyone asks me about my heat pump, I have nothing but good things to say. They aren't for everyone, but I highly recommend looking into them to see if it's the right option for you."

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Ready to make the switch? Check out rebates on heat pumps from BC Hydro, CleanBC and the federal government.