Playstation gaming console with controller and two white arrows pointing at them


Want to stream efficiently?

Did you know that the way you stream can greatly impact your energy costs?

If a few days off means that you finally have time to catch up on Stranger Things or dive into The Staircase, you can save energy (up to 35-40%) if you settle in with a tablet instead of streaming from another device, such a smart TV or a game console.

Most smart electronics now offer built-in connections or apps to streaming services such as Netflix, so you'll get the best energy performance if you use devices for their primary purpose, which for consoles is gaming rather than streaming.

You'll use way less energy if you do: an ENERGY STARĀ® certified tablet uses only 10% of the power that a game console does to stream content. Another thing to watch for? Many gaming consoles use significant amounts of "standby" electricity even while supposedly in "off" mode.